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What to expect now you have successfully reserved one of our dogs and what B.A.R.K. expects from you.


Congratulations on choosing to adopt a rescue dog. At this point you will have met our dogs and taken the time to carefully choose the right dog for your household. You should have successfully completed our reservation process and our staff will have discussed your suitability for the dog you wish to adopt using our reservation form. The next stage is the home check which we aim to complete within 7 days. If there are no issues raised when a member of our staff visits your home, and the check is passed, we then ask you to abide by the following adoption conditions.


In order to collect your dog from B.A.R.K. and complete the adoption process you will need to bring ALL of the following to the rescue on the day (within 1 week of your check):

  1. Two forms of ID
  2. A suitably sized collar and ID tag (with your contact details and ‘I am chipped’ but NOT the dog’s name)
  3. A slip lead
  4. A suitably sized and well-fitting harness and ordinary lead or long lead
  5. A method of securing the dog safely in the car- ideally a crate or second person to hold the dog safely using the equipment mentioned above.


At home you will need to be fully prepared for the arrival of your dog. This will include the purchase of: bowls for water and food, a suitable bed, a generous sized crate if appropriate (recommended for puppies and young dogs), baby gates to prevent dogs going upstairs or accidentally escaping through the front door, tough toys, training treats and good quality food.


FOOD We recommend you look at the website www.allabout dogfood.com where you can match the best quality foods available for your budget and read reviews of brands. Avoid cheaper, highly coloured, supermarket brands etc. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FEED YOUR DOG BAKERS DOG FOOD.


Some brands we recommend:                                                                                  

Chudleys, Harringtons, Skinners (Duck & Rice or Salmon & Rice), Wainwrights (Pets at Home), Arden Grange, James Wellbeloved, Burns, Butchers Tripe, Naturediet meat trays, Nature’s Menu raw or cooked foods, Lily’s Kitchen wet and dry, Eden or Origin etc if you have a bigger budget. All puppies or dogs under one year old should be fed a good quality complete puppy food. Natural home cooked food is also an excellent supplement or diet.


Please make an appointment to register your dog with your local vet within a week of adoption.