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Welcome to BARK


Elaine and Darren Shaw first began taking in rescues at their private kennels at Crossing Cottage Babworth in 2005. They were running a boarding kennels when a friend asked if they would board some pound dogs for her who would otherwise be put to sleep. The 'poundies' arrived and Elaine became more and more affected by the number of unwanted and abandoned animals in need of new homes. Her focus quickly shifted and within a year the boarding kennels became a rescue. Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels (BARK) was born. BARK takes in poundies, unwanted pets or those who need a new home due to their owners being unable to care for them any more and, more recently, dogs from other European countries where they suffer horrendous abuse and neglect such as Romania and Bulgaria.


In the last decade hundreds and hundreds of dogs and cats have found safety and a second chance thanks to BARK. BARK never puts a healthy animal to sleep. The dogs and cats stay in the rescue as long as it takes to find that perfect home. There are now approx. 50 kennels and 4 cattery pens. In 2015, after a huge fundraising effort, the rescue finally gained their very own large secure exercise field. This has made an incalculable difference to the dogs, allowing them to run free, play and relax off lead. Plus visitors are able to meet the dogs in a more natural, stress- free way and introduce their own dogs to potential new friends off lead.


BARK is a self funded organisation which is funded entirely by donations and adoption fees. Every penny raised goes to pay for the day to day running of the kennels, staffing, utilities, maintenance and repairs, vets bills etc. The rescue could not survive and thrive without the huge support of the local and wider community who do everything from volunteer, donate food and items for us to sell, fundraise and promote and share our dogs and cats. We hope you enjoy browsing the new website and come and visit BARK very soon. We have so many wonderful dogs and cats just waiting for that special someone to come along and change their lives forever...


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