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Terrier cross
Born Jan 2013

Snoopy is another one of our divas and sadly had been with us for many years now. He’s too big to be small and too small to be medium. Bit like a corgi crossed with a fox! In the Rescue he is a tough guy in the kennel who barks at visitors but bring him out for a walk or in the field and he’s all about the fuss and the cuddles. Snoopy in a home needs strong experienced owners who will set clear rules and boundaries. Give our little fox an inch and he will take a mile. He is very territorial so would need to be shut away from visitors or muzzled whilst he gets to know them. Like so many of our dogs he does his level best to make finding him the perfect home as tricky as possible. He gets on well with other dogs especially confident females which is a huge plus for him. If you want a happy, loveable companion and don’t have children or many visitors for him to try to scare away he really will be a fabulous companion for anyone willing to see past his nonsense. Snoopy is neutered and chipped. If you are interested in meeting Snoopy or any of our dogs please first read through our adoption criteria in the ADOPT section before contacting us. We are currently running on appointments only.

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