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Cross breed
Born Feb 2017

Libby is a joy once she knows you. When she first came into the rescue she was so scared and just hid away from humans. Over time she has come to trust us and we have the pleasure of seeing her big smile and tippy tappy feet when she’s excited to see us but sadly she barks at strangers or hides when in her kennel and does her best to put people off. Libby is an energetic dog, around 5 plus years old, and loves to run and play. She is good with other dogs out and about but can boss her kennel mate around sometimes so maybe better as an only one or with a very easy going confident neutered male. Libby is spayed, chipped etc. She is ready for the next stage of her life: her very own humans and very own home. She needs a quiet and experienced adults only home being a very nervous dog who can’t cope with a busy household or lots of visitors. She will find leaving us very difficult at first as we have become her safe place but she has no idea how much more wonderful her life could be with her very own patient and kind people who will give her the time and space and slow introduction to the big wide world she will need to settle and flourish. Please read through our adoption criteria in the ADOPT section before contacting us. Libby will need adopters willing to make multiple visits over a few weeks to get to know her and build trust. We are currently running on appointments only.

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