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Terrier mix

We are looking for a very special home for a very special little dog. Ivy can’t tell us what happened to her in the past but it has left mental scars we have been working hard to overcome for many months. When Ivy first came to us from Romania she was terrified of physical contact. If we stroked her anywhere on her body she would scream in terror. No aggression just terror. We set her up in the kitchen kennel and just let her come around at her own speed. She eventually started pottering around the kitchen with the staff during the day but still didn’t want to be touched. Now she has started to trust those she knows well and enjoys cuddles and trips into our field with them. Ivy is desperate for love but she needs adopters with a quiet, peaceful home and very secure garden who are home a lot. Sge is fine with cats and could potentially live with a small very easy going neutered male pooch that didn’t scare her. She will probably never cope with leads/ going for walks but having her own home with easy access to a secure garden where she can potter around and not feel in any danger would be so lovely for her. Ivy is spayed, vacs and chipped and around 8-10 years old. She LOVES food and having the run of her own home and garden would help her trim down! If you are interested in meeting Ivy please read through our adoption criteria in ADOPT section then message us with as much information as possible and if we think you could be a good fit we will need you to commit to multiple meets with her over a period of time to start to build a bond of trust before adoption. There is a good chance Ivy will regress at first in a new home but in the right set up with the right people we feel sure she will flourish given the time and patience she needs.

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